How is price calculated?

Tshareme.com pricing is based on four components.

Quantity - the number of T-shirts you order..

Locations - the amount and locations of printing on the T-shirt.

The Standard t-shirt printing in one side is 100 Dhs


What factors affect my pricing?

Type:  The brands TshareMe carries vary in price, but we use our purchasing power to get you the best possible deal on blank apparel. We buy all over the country and do so in large quantities. Then we transfer those savings to our customers.
Quantity: Our printing process dictates that if you order a greater quantity of T-shirts, you’ll save money. It’s simply less expensive for TshareMe to set up and print a large number of the same design than it is to set up and print a small number of a single design.

Locations: Each printing location on a piece of apparel (i.e. front, back, sleeve, etc.) demands a specific set-up in order to execute. Therefore, multiple printing locations on your apparel will raise the price


How do I get a quote?

Contact Us through Website


What types of printing does Tshareme.com offer?

If you’re using a JPEG file ( a standard photo-type file) to upload your art, these are the important factors to keep in mind:

The higher quality image, you upload the better the finished design will look.

Generally a 300dpi image that is saved to the size you are wanting it printed is the best.

If TshareMe has to increase the size of a small design to fit the parameters of your  design request, the image quality will likely decrease noticeably. For example, submitting a 300dpi image that is saved at 2 cm, but ordering a shirt design that sets that same 300dpi image at 20 cm would likely result in a blurry, pixilated graphic. It would be most effective to submit to TshareMe an image that’s the actual size of the finished design to be screen printed onto your apparel.


What is the “maximum print area” for my design?

 For Adult shirts our standard sizes are as follows:

 Front:  20 cm -   29 cm

 Back:   20 cm -   29 cm

 Left or Right Breast:  14x20 cm

 Upper Back Neck: 14x20 cm